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About Us

Company profile

Anika Natural Products is a family-owned, Australian company. Guided by our ISO 22716:2007 (Good Manufacturing Practice) GMP License, we’re leaders in developing, manufacturing and supplying custom-label natural and organic personal care products in our state-of-the-art facility.

With experience in manufacturing and a desire to create pure products that made a difference in people’s lives, we bought the business in 1995 as a small concern, concentrating on hand-crafted soaps. Because we focused on helping our customers — even back then — establish their brands, we soon gained a reputation for being experts in everything from R&D, formulation, graphic design, testing, manufacturing, brand development and providing specific outcomes for brands.

All this has allowed us to form strong relationships with leading suppliers and service providers, meaning we can leverage time, effort and results for you.


Our main objective is to continually manufacture high quality products that enable our customers to maintain a prominent market position. Our manufacturing expertise, marketing experience and product knowledge mean they are equipped with everything they need to expand into new markets.

So where did the name Anika come from?

We’re sometimes asked this question because our company name is very distinctive. The word “Anika” is actually a girl’s or woman’s name, with roots in ancient languages. In Hebrew and Latin it means “grace” or “favour”, while in Sanskrit, the oldest recorded Indo-European language, it means “graceful”, “favour”, “sweet faced” and “brilliance”. We think it describes our business perfectly.