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Getting Products and Materials In and Out

Anika Natural Products has strict process for receiving, warehousing and shipping.


We use an organised inspection procedure for all inbound items. Whether it’s raw materials, samples or packaging, everything is processed and organised through our receiving system. This ensures we register and manage every single items that is delivered to us. Our dedicated receiving area, under which all freight is sorted and categorised for easy distribution. We also have stringent receiving protocols to prevent items from being, damaged, misplaced or lost.


We can warehouse goods for our active clients, for items such as packaging, raw materials and labels.

We also have on-site storage options with an on-site storage facility.

We register any items our clients store with us through our inventory system. Systematically logging all items received allows us to take over the tracking and maintenance for added convenience.


We aim to have all products delivered as quickly as possible for our clients, so whatever their particular shipping needs are, we meet them. Our shipping manager does a final inspection of all goods to be shipped, which includes a final quality check to ensure all packages are adequately prepared, secured and ready for departure.