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Going Aussie and Becoming Greener

Anika Natural Products is one of Australia’s leading contract manufacturers of natural and organic hand-crafted soaps and personal care products.

And while we have an ISO 22716 GMP license, we’ve furthered our commitment to the industry by moving to one of Australia’s first fully certified eco industrial estates.

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) has awarded this first-of-a-kind industrial estate, based at Stapylton in Queensland, the full six EnviroDevelopment symbols for its certification.

The estate includes on-site water-treatment and sewage systems, a water catchment and treatment system comprising six 45,000-litre underground water storage tanks. Recycled building material has been used wherever possible, building roofs and north-facing walls are insulated, maximising daylight and lowering energy consumption by reducing how much lighting is needed.

Both building and street lights are energy-efficient, while water pumps and recycling systems are all run by solar power connected to the grid. This will eventually provide enough energy to feed excess power back to into the supply grid.

We believe being in this estate will only benefit Anika Natural Products and our clients, who we see as production partners, for the future, as more and more emphasis is put on the importance of sustainability, energy consumption and carbon-neutral businesses. We are extremely proud to be involved with Australia’s first carbon-neutral industrial estate, and to continuing Australia’s fantastic green and clean image. You can find more information about our home in the fully certified eco industrial estate here (we’re pretty proud to be involved, as you can tell.)

For our clients, having “Australian Made” on their product gives a huge competitive edge in the global personal care market. Growth in the Asia Pacific rim also provides greater opportunities for Australian-made products. Australian Government export research shows that “Australian Made” is recognised as one of the world’s strongest brands, which is great news with demand for all things Australian continuing to present wonderful business opportunities.