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Manufacturing and Filling


Our quality-licensed and modern manufacturing facility creates and manufactures the highest quality products in the most effective and efficient time possible. Utilising high-end equipment, and backed by our committed staff, our manufacturing capabilities are incredibly fast and accurate.

ISO 22716 GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice ISO

22716 is an International Standard Certification that was developed by the International Standard Organisation (ISO). It sets the standards for Good Manufacturing Practice and quality assurance systems. To achieve the ISO 22716 certification we’re audited by a third party who ensures we meet these standards.

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Management responsibility
  3. Resource management
  4. Product realisation
  5. Measurement analysis and improvement

Our climate-controlled facility operates under GMP (which stands for “good manufacturing process”). GMP, as described by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, is a set of principles and procedures that helps ensure therapeutic goods are of high quality.  We also maintain a clean and organised work environment, to deliver quality production and lean manufacturing.


Our quality systems ensure that all equipment is used efficiently, cleaned down and sanitised in accordance with strict standard operating procedures. All work is produced in high-quality, compliant stainless steel, and all our production areas are air-quality controlled rooms, ensuring the highest possible standards of manufacture.

All our lines are equipped with semi-automatic and automatic fillers, cappers and sealers. We process mixed formulas on either our jar and bottle lines, or our tube lines. Products on our jar and bottle lines are filled and capped, while those on the tube lines are filled and sealed on a separately designated tube line. We also have the latest in inkjet coding technology, allowing coding and marking to all inner and outer packaging to suit overseas’ standards.

Manufacturing processes

Anika Natural Products provides all the necessary stages of manufacturing, such as mixing, filling, capping, coding, labelling, safety sealing, packaging and shipping.

We use lean manufacturing throughout the production process to optimise the workflow and minimise waste. All our workers are highly trained and we use the latest technological equipment to create high quality products on fluid production lines.

Quality Control

So we achieve and uphold the highest quality standards, our quality control process involves methodical and continuous testing during the formulation and development stage. Our focus is always on the important issues such as water and air quality, clean down and hygiene procedures.

While in production, our quality control manager and factory management routinely monitor quality and good manufacturing practice. We inspect products at multiple intervals on the production line, to ensure everything that leaves our factory is of the highest standard and error free.

All our employees must wear sanitary clothing and observe our strict hygiene policy to avoid equipment and product contamination. We conduct daily equipment inspections and thorough factory and equipment cleaning procedures, as per the standard operating procedures listed in our Quality Control Manual.

Products we manufacture

Anika manufactures a large range of personal care products, including, skin care, body care and hair care. This is list is a sample of just some of the types of products we produce:

  • Creams/lotions
  • Emulsions/solutions/suspensions
  • Cleansing gels and creams
  • Eye products
  • Acne therapy
  • Astringents/toners
  • Lip balms
  • Masks/pastes
  • Exfollants/scrubs
  • Body butters
  • Foot products
  • Shampoos/conditioners/gels/ serums
  • Shower gels/body washes/bubble baths
  • Whitening products
  • Essential oils/massage base oils
  • Splashes/aromatic waters
  • Pre and after-shave lotions
  • Deodorants
  • Baby products
  • Handcrafted, saponified hard and liquid soaps