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Our Services

At Anika Natural Products our days consist of many different procedures and services. Below is a list of some, click on them to find out more.

Research and Development

Research and development of new and existing products is a key area of importance to Anika Natural Products. Our development team is constantly testing new ingredients and materials as they come on to the market ranging from emulsifiers, preservatives, actives and essential oils.

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Brand Development

Great products don’t just “happen”. They require thought and planning, diligence and care, analysis and follow-up. Nearly every overnight success that’s ever been up in lights was not just created the day before.

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Manufacturing and Filling

Our quality-licensed and modern manufacturing facility creates and manufactures the highest quality products in the most effective and efficient time possible.

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Handmade Soap

Anika’s natural, handmade soaps retain the natural glycerin created during the saponification process, and we don’t use chemicals to alter natural reactions.

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Getting Products and Material In and Out

Anika Natural Products has strict process for receiving, warehousing and shipping.

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