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Contact us on +61 7 3287 1236 or

The manufacturing experts.

Anika Natural Products has the flexibility to fill a variety of packaging.

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Handcrafted... naturally.

Our handmade soaps are made from only natural ingredients.

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We care about the environment.

Located in one of Australia’s first environmentally friendly facilities accredited by the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

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Research & Development... nothing is more important.

Anika Natural Products is constantly striving to develop new and exciting products.

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Anika Natural Products makes some of Australia’s (and the world’s) top natural skin care products for some of the most celebrated brands. Why do they use us? Because of our attention to their branding, product quality and our stewardship of everything from where the ingredients were sourced, right to the consumers’ hands. Helping make our clients successful is what we do best. And we’ve been doing it since 2000.

We’re constantly researching and improving the quality of raw materials coming onto the market. Our primary goal is to keep our products effective, luxurious and close to nature, while staying in touch with our customers, their needs and market requirements.

Being a third party, or toll, manufacturer means we don’t manufacture or market product under our own label. We don’t want to. Our business focuses purely on manufacturing for existing businesses that need to outsource or extend their current product lines.

People who regularly use our products often have skin conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis or a sensitivity), or are concerned about how products are made, where the ingredients come from, and that businesses act fairly. We make products that cater for the male, female and adolescent markets, and manufacture for customers who export into Europe, America and Asia.

For more information on our ethos in business, see the Anika Credo.