Our Process

Carbon-Neutral Warehouse

As a family-owned business founded on the Gold Coast in 1995, we proudly reside in one of Australia’s first fully certified eco-industrial estates.  Our state-of-the-art facility holds a prestigious six-leaf energy rating, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Whenever feasible, we have incorporated recycled building materials and installed insulation on roofs and north-facing walls to optimize natural daylight and minimize energy consumption for lighting. Additionally, solar power is utilized to operate water pumps and recycling systems connected to the grid. This setup enables us to provide excess energy back to the supply grid.

Being a part of this estate brings numerous benefits to Anika Natural Products and our production partners. It aligns with the growing focus on sustainability, energy consumption, and carbon-neutral businesses. We take great pride in being associated with Australia’s first carbon-neutral industrial estate, as it reinforces our commitment to upholding Australia’s renowned image as a green and clean nation.

Our Commitment to Research & Development

At Anika Natural Products, our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry is exemplified through our rigorous focus on accreditations and groundbreaking research and development (R&D). Understanding that innovation is the heartbeat of the skincare and personal care industry, our R&D team places immense importance on the exploration and integration of novel ingredients, materials, and market insights. This relentless pursuit of innovation empowers us to develop both new and existing products that not only meet but exceed market demands and consumer expectations.

Our development team actively engages in sourcing Raw Material Technical Data, Safety Data Sheets, and vital Clinical Data through our esteemed suppliers and their development partners. This strong collaboration ensures we are always equipped with the latest scientific evidence and formulation technologies. Additionally, our R&D strategy encompasses a broad spectrum of online references, academic publications, and clinical research contributions, enabling us to stay at the cutting edge of product development.

Did you know?

Regarding personal skin care products, many brands partner with overseas manufacturers and utilise demineralised tap water in their formulas. Not only does this strip the water of naturally occurring minerals, but it also contributes to chemical loading, resulting in skin irritations and additional skin problems. 

Our facility also boasts a carbon-neutral status, capturing, harvesting, and treating its water. Managing our in-house water systems, we can hold over 750,000 litres of usable water, which goes through an on-site oxygenated ozone water treatment to sanitise water before production.

Water quality is paramount in maintaining Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and upholding our ISO 22716 GMP accreditation at Anika Naturals. This accreditation and our status as an off-the-grid manufacturer reinforce our reputation as a clean and environmentally conscious manufacturer within the personal care industry.